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Booty Beach Bash Ass Parade

Booty Beach Bash

Runtime: 38 mins - March 13, 2006 - Rating: 9.50

You know that here on Assparade I'm always stepping the game up...With this new episode I'm taking it to a whole new...

ASS Rainbow Ass Parade

ASS Rainbow

Runtime: 44 mins - March 06, 2006 - Rating: 9.02

Once again its on...the search for some GREAT ASSES, some FUN CHICKS and oh yeah, GREAT fuckin'ASSES...So, check...

Peaches & Cream Ass Parade

Peaches & Cream

Runtime: 40 mins - February 27, 2006 - Rating: 8.34

So for the last few weeks I've been seeing this foxy black chick walking out of this building near my crib...and I...

TerrASS!! Ass Parade


Runtime: 36 mins - February 20, 2006 - Rating: 8.02

Get a load of this fellas...I invited my homegirl Tia to check out this pimped out penthouse apartment, that my boy...

Mile High Club Ass Parade

Mile High Club

Runtime: 31 mins - February 06, 2006 - Rating: 8.06

If you haven't joined the Mile High Club yet, these flight attendants are just the girls to sign you up! Flower,...

Rooftop Rump Ass Parade

Rooftop Rump

Runtime: 41 mins - January 30, 2006 - Rating: 9.97

So My girl Sara Jay calls me up...telling me that she is back in town and wants to introduce me to one of her new...

Booty  CASStle Ass Parade

Booty CASStle

Runtime: 42 mins - January 23, 2006 - Rating: 8.33

There's nothing like being in the company of two beatiful woman...and if you add to that the fact that they both have...

Luissa & Lacie Ass Parade

Luissa & Lacie

Runtime: 43 mins - January 16, 2006 - Rating: 8.30

Avid Ass Lovers BEWARE! What we've got in store for you this week is ridiculous! A Euro hottie by the name of Luissa...

Caroline Ass Parade


Runtime: 38 mins - January 09, 2006 - Rating: 9.42

It was a dreary afternoon when Caroline and I got together... the kind of afternoon that calls for you to stay inside...

Booty Bank Ass Parade

Booty Bank

Runtime: 44 mins - January 02, 2006 - Rating: 9.78

So Cezar and I decided to stake out the bank during lunch hour, when it's almost guaranteed that all the bank teller...

GO SPEED GO Ass Parade


Runtime: 34 mins - December 26, 2005 - Rating: 9.12

Let me tell you what this is not one to miss, A race, some great sex, and two wonderful asses. We took a couple of...

ChrismASS Parade Ass Parade

ChrismASS Parade

Runtime: 31 mins - December 19, 2005 - Rating: 9.36

Happy Holidays Everyone! Being that you've all been such loyal fans of the Ass Parade all year long.. we decided to...

Happy Hand Club Ass Parade

Happy Hand Club

Runtime: 36 mins - December 12, 2005 - Rating: 8.66

So when I called the massage place... I specifically asked for females... my buddy Jordan and I sure needed some...

Big Tippers Ass Parade

Big Tippers

Runtime: 34 mins - December 05, 2005 - Rating: 9.72

Luckily for all of you guys... Olivia and Flower are back in town for another ASStounding episode of Ass Parade......

Savana Sky Ass Parade

Savana Sky

Runtime: 41 mins - November 28, 2005 - Rating: 9.33

Well my fellow lovers of juicy round bubble butts... have I got a treat for you this week... A big ass Southern Bell...

Naomi Ass Parade


Runtime: 35 mins - November 21, 2005 - Rating: 8.39

We find ourselves today in the presence of Naomi's juicy round bubble butt! AGAIN! I tell ya.. I can't get enough of...

Sophia Ass Parade


Runtime: 54 mins - November 14, 2005 - Rating: 8.21

JT and I were at the marina about to enjoy a day out on the boat. But alas, as JT says, "pussy calls". Sophia was...

Double Chocolate Scoops! Ass Parade

Double Chocolate Scoops!

Runtime: 45 mins - November 07, 2005 - Rating: 8.91

Annabelle and Chyanne.... two of the sexiest pieces of chocolate ass ever to grace these here Ass Parade pages......

Flower Ass Parade


Runtime: 35 mins - October 31, 2005 - Rating: 8.00

WOW! I guess word must of gotten out about Flower's South Beach appearance... there were crowds of humans along with...

Maid Service Ass Parade

Maid Service

Runtime: 56 mins - October 24, 2005 - Rating: 8.13

There is nothing in this world as better then staying in a 5star hotel, Especially on someone else's buck. Here we...

Katja Ass Parade


Runtime: 27 mins - October 17, 2005 - Rating: 9.56

Oh yes.... it's her again... the beautiful bubble butt Katja Kassin is back! I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT YOU REMEMBER THAT...

Seeing Stars Ass Parade

Seeing Stars

Runtime: 73 mins - October 10, 2005 - Rating: 8.22

So me and the guys had plans to see Candace and Luscious at a signing in a local porn spot. Alex got all excited...

Cabaret Crashers! Ass Parade

Cabaret Crashers!

Runtime: 50 mins - October 03, 2005 - Rating: 9.56

I don't know how the fuck JT and Donny got me out of bed before 7 a.m.... but when I got to the strip club that they...

Futbol Follies Ass Parade

Futbol Follies

Runtime: 43 mins - September 26, 2005 - Rating: 8.40

Look at we got a here...a group of sexy ass sporty chicks showing off the round booties on a soccer field. While the...

Bladerunners Ass Parade


Runtime: 37 mins - September 19, 2005 - Rating: 8.25

So check this one out... what better way for your eyes to take in the bounce and jiggle of a pair of juicy apple...

Orgies 'R' Us Ass Parade

Orgies 'R' Us

Runtime: 46 mins - September 12, 2005 - Rating: 8.64

Well...well...well... look at what we have here... let's start from the top shall we? I decided to try my luck and...

Ol' Faithful! Ass Parade

Ol' Faithful!

Runtime: 40 mins - September 05, 2005 - Rating: 8.04

I found myself with JT and Flower Tucci window shopping on South Beach... yeah... I know.. god knows what I was doing...

Butt Masters! Ass Parade

Butt Masters!

Runtime: 41 mins - August 29, 2005 - Rating: 8.39

I mean why not try and use a chick with a great round ass to pick up MORE bubble butt broads at a gym of all...

Ride 'em Cowgirl! Ass Parade

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

Runtime: 45 mins - August 22, 2005 - Rating: 8.92

I know I have a bad reputation when it comes to not telling the ENTIRE truth .. especially when my Bang Bros. fam is...

British Invasion Ass Parade

British Invasion

Runtime: 28 mins - August 15, 2005 - Rating: 9.94

Sophie Dee in the place to be! That was the vibe on this beautiful South Beach afternoon as PP and I met up with this...

Wave Running Ass Parade

Wave Running

Runtime: 40 mins - August 08, 2005 - Rating: 9.70

It was bound to happen. I mean seriously, living on South Beach and we're NOT gonna do a jetski flick?! And what...

Bubble Butt Ballin' Ass Parade

Bubble Butt Ballin'

Runtime: 39 mins - August 01, 2005 - Rating: 9.91

So PP, JT, and Gons were all talking shit to me about how good they were at basketball.. how they could beat any team...

Ride Out! Ass Parade

Ride Out!

Runtime: 44 mins - July 25, 2005 - Rating: 8.30

So JT and I were roaming the beautiful streets of South Beach on our way to link up with Ivon and Veronika at one of...

Olivia Ass Parade


Runtime: 30 mins - July 18, 2005 - Rating: 8.81

Greetings and salutations from your friendly neighborhood ass-a-holic...Have I mentioned to you guys how much I...

ASStounding! Ass Parade


Runtime: 37 mins - July 11, 2005 - Rating: 8.58

I've done it again fellas! I've managed to bring together two titan tushes for your jerking pleasure! Nothing like a...

Asstounded! Ass Parade


Runtime: 40 mins - July 04, 2005 - Rating: 9.36

Check this one out fellas, and I do stress the check. When in all of our ass worshipping glory have you seen not...

Sophia Ass Parade


Runtime: 33 mins - June 27, 2005 - Rating: 9.73

Cruising around South Beach is like going to an ass buffet... all shapes and sizes for the picking! Alex, Ugs, and I...

Good Times! Ass Parade

Good Times!

Runtime: 34 mins - June 20, 2005 - Rating: 8.43

Ass Heaven is what we should call this site from now on... that's the only explanation I can come up with for our...

Bunz Of Steel! Ass Parade

Bunz Of Steel!

Runtime: 44 mins - June 13, 2005 - Rating: 9.30

So check this one out... what better way to worship the plethora of juicy apple bottoms that come my way than being...

Rayveness Ass Parade


Runtime: 34 mins - June 06, 2005 - Rating: 9.95

Well hot damn! The endless supply of hot chicks with round butts and beautiful faces just never ends! Case In Point.....

Ice Ass Parade


Runtime: 42 mins - May 30, 2005 - Rating: 9.93

So JT and I were on the beach on our way to go pick up the model for our scheduled shoot when we came across the...

Flower Ass Parade


Runtime: 34 mins - May 23, 2005 - Rating: 9.19

So I was in some South Beach boutique scoping out the chicks when I saw the big ass that's attached to Flower. This...

Caroline Ass Parade


Runtime: 37 mins - May 16, 2005 - Rating: 8.18

I swear to you that I was dangerously close to completely cancelling this shoot and taking Caroline home for...

Tonz O' Bunz Ass Parade

Tonz O' Bunz

Runtime: 42 mins - May 09, 2005 - Rating: 8.61

Don't you see a pattern going on? Once you go double stack.. you never go back.. add in a juicy assed chick that's...

WOW! Ass Parade


Runtime: 57 mins - May 02, 2005 - Rating: 8.55

Have any of you guys ever heard of Sara Jay??? well my dear friends.. if you haven't... I'm about to put you on to...

Double Stacked! Ass Parade

Double Stacked!

Runtime: 40 mins - April 25, 2005 - Rating: 9.96

HISTORY IN THE MAKING!!! That's all I could think of when I found out about this shoot... Ass Parade all star...

Caroline Ass Parade


Runtime: 32 mins - April 18, 2005 - Rating: 9.53

I'm sure that by now you've grasped the concept of us bringing back only the select pieces of tail back for an...

Victoria Ass Parade


Runtime: 42 mins - April 04, 2005 - Rating: 8.64

So now what else could be fuckin' better than a 20 year old latina broad with great natural tits and an apple bottom...

Nicole Ass Parade


Runtime: 31 mins - March 28, 2005 - Rating: 8.91

So check this one out.... this chick named Nicole that lives in my building wouldn't stop talking about PP's cock...

Caroline Ass Parade


Runtime: 39 mins - March 21, 2005 - Rating: 8.52

As soon as I finished shooting this film, I came in and edited it for you guys... that and I couldn't wait to relive...

Yeaaaah-smine! Ass Parade


Runtime: 25 mins - March 14, 2005 - Rating: 9.14

Well fellas.. here we go again... one more luscious Yasmine shoot for your perverted viewing pleasure... we decided...

Summer Ass Parade


Runtime: 32 mins - March 07, 2005 - Rating: 9.39

Now I know that every week we have a chick with a juicy round rump parading her assets for your viewing pleasure......

Dasha Ass Parade


Runtime: 34 mins - February 28, 2005 - Rating: 9.44

I made the terrible mistake of complaining about being around so much ass all the time. Let's see how you'd feel...

Samba-Cubana! Ass Parade


Runtime: 38 mins - February 22, 2005 - Rating: 9.39

OH....MY......GOD! Look at we've got in store for you guys this week... an 18 year old.. BARELY LEGAL......

French Kisses Ass Parade

French Kisses

Runtime: 28 mins - February 14, 2005 - Rating: 9.29

GOD-DAMN! A french woman by the name of Sonia has appeared in all her rump rousing glory!!! I mean what more could...

Monique Ass Parade


Runtime: 23 mins - January 17, 2005 - Rating: 9.45

Monique is a great example of an older latin woman with a firm round ass... she's fuckin' picture perfect! Look at...

Isabella Ass Parade


Runtime: 32 mins - January 10, 2005 - Rating: 9.18

You know... you'd think that I'd be bored of looking at all these rediculously large, round asses getting worshipped...

Mo' Monique! Ass Parade

Mo' Monique!

Runtime: 30 mins - January 03, 2005 - Rating: 8.61

One Mo' Gain!!! We bring to you the voluptous round ass that is attached to the entity known as Monique.. Now that...

Ice, Ice, Baby... Ass Parade

Ice, Ice, Baby...

Runtime: 28 mins - December 20, 2004 - Rating: 8.14

Ice has become the standard for which all asses are to be graded from here to the demise of porn... that's right.....

Sydnee's Revenge Ass Parade

Sydnee's Revenge

Runtime: 24 mins - December 13, 2004 - Rating: 9.97

Sydnee's rump is back again to show all you saps just how bad her ass REALLY is! Alex has more than a handful to deal...